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We connect buyers to businesses that have the right software and services solutions for their needs and ensure that organizations achieve the most return on their investments.

Beyond traditional lead generation

Digital Markets suite of services drives greater lifetime value by going beyond traditional lead generation. Learn how we enable you to grow your position in the market, gain deep connections with the right in-market buyers, and optimize for conversion and retention.

Our story

We saw a need

We were formed out of the need to help technology buyers make sense of the vast, global software and services market. Gartner’s historic position as a trusted technology consultant and advisor serves as the foundation of Digital Markets’ guidance to small business technology buyers, ensuring that they benefit from credible information and feedback specifically tailored to their unique needs.

That gave us an idea

Gartner’s trusted objectivity, independence and buyer-focused research helps bridge the gap between small-to-midsize business buyers and the software and services vendors eager to reach that audience.

Now it’s our mission

By acquiring Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice, and UpCity, we now equip the millions of buyers who visit these sites every month with the unbiased information they need to make great purchasing decisions. These platforms provide every vendor — whether they pay us or not — a way to connect with that buying audience. By virtue of our industrywide buyer insights, we also help software and services companies learn how to efficiently attract and engage customers, build brand advocates and grow revenue.

Get to know Digital Markets brands

Founded: 1999 | Acquired: 2015 | Based in: Arlington, VA

Capterra supports business buyers who seek to help their organization grow but have limited time to become technology experts. Capterra provides visitors with a comprehensive view of the software market to quickly assess the solutions that are best suited for their personalized needs.

Founded: 2010 | Acquired: 2015 | Based in: Barcelona, Spain

GetApp supports software-savvy buyers who understand the importance of technology to grow their business. GetApp provides a proprietary recommendation engine that leverages a robust combination of user insights and deep technical knowledge to suggest the right software choice.

Founded: 2005 | Acquired: 2014 | Based in:Austin, TX

Software Advice serves technology and services buyers who need advice with a personalized approach. Software Advice provides a guided experience for technology selection and usage to assess individual needs and connect the buyer with the best solution.

Founded: 2009 | Acquired: 2022 | Based in: Chicago, IL

UpCity is a resource that helps connect businesses to service providers they can trust. With more than tens of thousands of service providers 1.5 million businesses (and counting) have visited UpCity to identify the best partner for their needs.

What software companies have to say

Don't just take our word for it. Our leads are 3x more likely to convert than the industry average, and our programs make a real business impact.

“I highly recommend the reviews as a service program for any SaaS business looking to engage users and solicit authentic feedback.”

Robbie Jack
Co-founder and CMO

“The leads coming from Gartner Digital Markets have allowed us to create valuable leads in the pipeline, which have then turned into solid opportunities.”

Logan England
Paid Media Manager

“Gartner Digital Markets has an unparalleled search strategy to drive high-quality, organic traffic to its sites — which is reflected in the quality of leads.”

Rachel Hoerauf
Manager, Demand Generation
Oracle NetSuite

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