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Achieve your strategic & innovation goals faster with these self-service tools that include downloadable templates, case studies and quick lessons.

Each Initiative Accelerator offers …


Clear step-by-step guidance

Short, easily digestible paragraphs cut to the chase so you can easily identify the exact action to take.


Curated assets to guide your actions

Case studies, keys to success and pitfalls to avoid are included, each contextualized with quick-hitting points and summaries.


Downloadable execution tools

Designed for busy executives and their teams, these resources can be directly leveraged to get your project across the finish line.

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Trending Initiative Accelerator

Present to the Board of Directors on Cybersecurity and Risk

A compelling cybersecurity and risk presentation improves board feedback and decision making to ensure investment in security. This Initiative Accelerator will help you construct a presentation that alleviates concerns and addresses your board’s inquiries.

More Finance, Value & Risk Initiative Accelerators

  • Accelerate Contract Negotiations With External Parties
  • Create an IT Investment Business Case

Trending Initiative Accelerator

Tailor Your Employee Value Proposition to Win and Retain Key Talent

Over 50% of prospects would choose a job with the right employee value proposition (EVP) attributes over one paying 10% more. This Initiative Accelerator will help you differentiate your EVP to overcome talent challenges.

Trending Initiative Accelerator

Create an IT Strategy That Contributes to Enterprise Success

An effective IT strategy is one that provides leadership with a compelling description of how IT will help the enterprise achieve its strategic objectives. This Initiative Accelerator will help you create a document that captures the logic and details of the IT strategy.

More Strategy Initiative Accelerators

  • Develop Your Personal Brand

Trending Initiative Accelerator

Target Impactful Innovations With a Customized Innovation Framework

A customized innovation framework helps to make relevant and impactful innovation investments while focusing on controlling resources and costs. This Initiative Accelerator will help you plan for tech innovation in line with your enterprise goals.

More Technology Leadership Initiative Accelerators

  • Develop a Practical Cloud Strategy
  • Connect D&A Initiatives to Business Outcomes

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