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Help your business make better decisions. Get data-driven, actionable insights to prepare, establish and engage your key stakeholders.

5 Stages to Enhance Your 2024 D&A Strategy

Agile data and analytics capabilities are essential to build sense-and-respond capabilities and are leading organizations to unprecedented cycles of rapid innovation to meet the new requirements.

6 Proven Steps to Become a Better Leader

The Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) role is evolving, learn how to outperform your peers and what drives CDAO organizational and team success.

Get Stakeholder Buy-in on Your Next Initiative

A proven framework, complete with interactive templates & tools to help you sell your D&A vision and strategy as a driver of measurable business outcomes.

Experience Data and Analytics conferences

Join your peers for the unveiling of the latest insights at Gartner conferences.

Client Success Stories

See how Gartner helped other companies achieve their data and analytics goals.

Driving Growth Through Innovation

AstraZeneca transformed the way it develops new medicines and achieves scientific breakthroughs with an AI application and an innovative, responsible environment.

Data at the Core and the Power of Analytics to Transform

Watercare focused on its people to deliver greater business agility, optimized business processes and improved management insight across the customer experience life cycle.

Investing in the Future Through Digital Transformation

Airservices Australia improved data and information management while empowering decision-making strategies by investing in digital technologies and cloud services.

Data & Analytics questions Gartner can help answer

Becoming a data-driven enterprise requires a data-driven culture. Focusing only on educating business and technical staff in new data and analytics (D&A) skills and competencies will not suffice.

Use Gartner’s data-driven attribute model to begin your transformation journey. This model identifies seven core attributes representing the primary distinctions for the beliefs and behaviors that set data-driven organizations apart from others.

Start by discussing these attributes — literate, intentional, accountable, analytical, innovative, communal and empathetic — and identify the biggest impediments to achieving your goals. Identify what must change in order to use data and analytics more effectively in the enterprise.

Start a transformation program that is grounded in a modern approach to change management to change prevailing beliefs and behaviors that are hobbling enterprise goals.

Chief data and analytics officers must evolve from the traditional rigidity of annual budget processes common to on-premises deployments and become more financially agile (continuously iterate, optimize and improve). They must be able to flex cloud D&A spend up or down in response to business conditions. In order to achieve this, it is critical to take a disciplined approach to assessing opportunities for financial agility. Acting now to classify spend into one of three categories will position the CDAO to move quickly and decisively when budgets become strained and financial resources scarce.

Attract D&A talent from outside the organization by applying nonconventional approaches and creating an attractive corporate culture that prioritizes attributes like work-life balance, skills development and emotional well-being.

Retain D&A talent by creating more balance in the D&A team via diversity of people, roles and development paths. Transition from a predominantly labor-based approach for simple and repetitive tasks to a more automated one, effectively freeing up talent for more challenging endeavors.

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