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The 2024 Gartner Predictions: Healthcare & Life Science Risks and Opportunities

As the healthcare and life science industries continue to evolve,  IT leaders continue to invest in customer experience, seek out ways to generate revenue, and improve operating margins. Join this webinar to explore the healthcare and life science predictions for 2024, and how you can use these predictions to identify new ways to deliver value, including: 

  • How investing in employee experience can help improve CX and more

  • Understanding future risks and critical areas of opportunity  

  • Learning how to demonstrate the potential value of a new realm of opportunity

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Gartner IT Score gives you a custom, on-demand view of your function’s performance and maturity versus a benchmark peer group, and enables you to plot your improvement path. 

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Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™ provides a common language that connects strategic digital priorities to underlying digital enablers, to provide clarity around high-impact technology investments.

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Chief Information Officers play an integral role in digital transformation.

Chief Information Security Officers enable business leaders to make the right decisions. 

Chief Data Officers can create competitive advantage through data and analytics innovation, data literacy and data-driven digital transformation.

Infrastructure and Operations leaders need to keep the pace with technology innovations and meet digital business goals.

Support for other IT leadership roles to execute on application and software engineering, IT sourcing and vendor management, enterprise architect and technical professional mission-critical strategies.

2023 Eye on Innovation Awards finalists have been announced!

Check out the finalists and save your spot for the upcoming webinar where we’ll announce the winners and dive into the most cutting-edge healthcare and life science initiatives from across the globe.

2023 CIO Agenda for Healthcare Leaders

 The 2023 CIO Agenda analyzes data from the 2023 Gartner CIO and Technology Executive Survey, conducted to help CIOs and technology executives overcome digital execution gaps by empowering and enabling an ecosystem of digital technology producers. Below are insights on the top priorities, technologies and challenges for healthcare and life science leaders in 2023 to deliver on digital initiatives.

A Healthcare Payer Perspective

The top priorities of healthcare payer CIOs in 2023 are prioritizing growth, technology modernization and consumer experience. However, competing expectations and a lack of understanding of the possibilities digital offers challenge their ability to establish a shared vision.

A Healthcare Provider Perspective

Cybersecurity, business intelligence/data analytics and cloud platforms remain top priorities for increased investments. However, CIOs and technology executive peers report challenges to establishing a shared enterprise digital vision. 

A Life Sciences Perspective 

In 2023, life science CIOs are prioritizing optimization over transformation by focusing on growth and scaling digital execution. Download the infographic now to learn how your peers are investing in tech to deliver on digital initiatives.

The IT Roadmap for Digital Business Transformation

In 2023, life science CIOs are prioritizing optimization over transformation by focusing on growth and scaling digital execution.

Download our infographic to discover the best practices successful CIOs and IT leaders follow to drive effective digital business transformation initiatives.

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